Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Studio Update: My New Sunroom Studio!

Hey, y'all!

The Hubster and I are back to my hometown outside of Atlanta, and I'm just about done setting up my studio! I wanted to sell some early photos with y'all. :-)

My studio is in our sunroom, nestled between the living, dining, and guest rooms. 

 I have this huge, wonderful window, too. 
It's been snowing all afternoon, and I have the best winter view in the house!

 One of my bestie's Christmas gifts was this "Hipster Decorating Set." 
Polaroid cards, strings, and clothespins.
I love it!!

And, in case you were wondering, it's still mug cozy central around here. 
I love these, too! :D

But, wait! There's more!
 Mes Aventures, Crafts & Co. has a mini "store front" in my studio now!

I'm hoping there will be some snowish art soon to come. Until then, stay warm!

Adventure well; Live fully. 


  1. My office is in the sunroom as well! ;-) I think it's the happiest room in the entire home. ;-)

  2. You have a wonderful office, Holly! But I guess you will appreciate it more if you install larger window frames, so that you can enjoy the view outside when you take a breather from your work. All the best!

    Sally Page @ Sunrooms of Buffalo


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