Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gift of Life

I knew days ago that I wanted to write this post. 
I was supposed to write and publish it yesterday. 
But even today it took several minutes to even find a title. 
Every year I think words will come more easily. 
They never do. 

January 22,1973.
Roe Vs. Wade.

January 22, 2014. 
41 years later. 
54.5 million abortions later. 

I'm not going to beat around the bush, y'all. I am vehemently prolife. Frankly, no, it's not your body, your life, or your decision. God in His grace placed the gift of life in you, and it's your baby's body, your baby's life, and God's decision. 

But let's clear up something else, too: 
I don't hate you if you've had an abortion.

I wish I could make you a cup of tea, hug you, and talk about it--or maybe just sit there and drink our tea. I know it's often fear that leads to the decision, and I'm so, so sorry that you were so scared. I grieve the physical and emotional pain you've been through, and I grieve your baby. Whether or not you share my griefs, you don't need one more angry Christian in your life. I'm really sorry if you've experienced that anger. You need a hug. You need love and grace. Christ alone can set you free from fear, regret, pain, guilt, grief...the list for all of us goes on and on. We are all in bondage without Jesus. We could talk about that over tea if you want. I'll make scones, too--we could be talking awhile.

Like I said, I meant to write this yesterday. 
As much as I am passionately pro-life, I shy away from January 22.
"Right to Life" day.
It's a humbling day where words don't come easily. 

About 23 years ago, a 17 year old girl found out she was pregnant. 
From what I understand, she considered abortion. 
It would have been so easy for me to be part of the 54.5 million. 

And yet, I'm sitting here writing this blog post. 
Over the course of her pregnancy, my birth mother not only chose to carry me to term, but came to know the grace and freedom of Jesus, too. 

The end of October 1991, I was born and then adopted by my wonderful parents. 

Every January I think about how my life hung tenuously in that balance. And yet, miraculously, a terrified teenager chose 9 months of pregnancy. 
A young couple was given a baby--a baby for which they had long prayed.

Amazing Grace. 

My life is neither mine, nor a right. 
It's a gift.
God forgive me for the times when I forget that. 

January 23, 2014. 
A day to be thankful. 

Adventure well; Live fully.


  1. loving you right now even more than I normally do- tons plus infinity.

  2. Sending tons of love and hugs back your way!


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