Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ode to Summer

I like winter... in theory. 
 I like tea, blankets, snuggling, snow in moonlight, sweaters, knitting...

But the reality is that winter wears on me. I get colds, I shiver, constant chilly, overcast days make me glum, and even tea and knitting can only outweigh these things for so long. 

Around January-time, I begin to yearn for summer. 

I may like winter, but I loooove summer.

I grew up in Hotlanta. It has that  nickname for a reason. Summer is blistering. 

When I spent a large portion of my summer in England two years ago, I realized just how much I love the summer heat. 

(The secret is to wear tank tops...sweat shows a lot less on tank tops... and bring a jacket because air conditioning is like the Arctic.)

I love the early hints that summer is coming...the sun is too warm for spring, but it still takes courage to dive into the still cold depths of the pool. 

And two months later, when it's so hot I can barely change into a suit before I jump in...I'm willing and ready to plunge in fully clothed--anything to cool off. 

Returning from morning bike rides panting...and developing all sorts of odd tan lines from spandex and sunglasses. 

There's never enough iced tea or lemonade. 

Falling asleep in a sunbeam could mean a burn...but it's so worth it.  

Warm nights of blue jeans and bare feet. 

Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee. 

Playing Marco Polo until my fingers shrivel. 

Swimming back and forth with burning lungs because the sky is so beautiful through the surface of the water. 


The coolness of each morning is like a bubble popped by the sun's kiss. 

Watching Teva straps slowly leave pale shadows on my feet.

Books by the pool. 

The sun makes gold streaks in my hair. 

Fresh veggies from the garden. 


Last light is late in the evening giving the whole world a feeling of extended life and energy. 

Ode to Summer. 

Adventure well; Live fully.


  1. teehee. I should have known you'd be my kindred spirit on this one. :-)


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