Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why the Hubster is a German Shepherd

I don't know how many of you have seen my Hubster when he gets really happy and excited, but he just sort of shakes all over as though he might burst. I love to tease him about this, joke that he's like a dog wagging his tale. But lately, I've been thinking about the dog analogy. 

I came to the conclusion late last night that my Hubster is like a German Shepherd. 

 Photo Credit: Anne Almasy                                     Photo Credit: doozydog.com

1) The wagging thing. I think it's seriously funny and adorable. John works really long hours, so when he has the energy to get really excited and happy, it's a treat!

2) Cuddling. The Hubster loves to cuddle. No objections here--I do, too!!

3) He loves to be outside doing something active. Biking, hiking, rollerblading, walking...you name it. 

4) He's always game for an adventure...unless it's really late at night, then refer to number 2. ;-)

5) He loves learning new things. The Hubster has been studying for IT certifications, and I love watching his motivation and listening to him explain things about computer networking that are way over my head. 

6) Good naps are practically a sport. This used to bug me...but I've been learning the fine art myself lately, and I'm appreciating it a lot more!

7) Food. Lots of GOOD food. My man loves his nutrition and a yummy experience--good thing I like to cook! 

8) Toys. Granted, the Hubster far prefers his Nokia Lumia to a frisbee, but you get the idea. Also, he takes seriously cool photos on that thing. Like this one:

Photo Credit: John Knight

Now, these things are all true, endearing, and wonderful about my Hubster, but I think there are more meaningful comparisons to be made, too. German Shepherds can be wonderful family dogs, but they also command our respect because they are powerful animals. Likewise, my Hubster is tender, but he is also admirable and commands my respect.

9) His love is very deep and true. I read an article yesterday that suggested that our society fears and thus demeans mens' love--the way a man loves his wife and the way he loves his guy friends. It got me thinking. I see that depth and strength of love in John. It's powerful, and I think the article may have been on to something when it suggested that we are anxious about that kind of power in our society. After all, it was love that took Christ to the cross for our salvation. J.K. Rowling showed us in her villain, Voldemort, how detrimental, shriveling and deadly it can be to underestimate love. We don't want to make that mistake--underestimating the love of our spouses, fathers, brothers, or Savior. As John's wife, I have a lot of security from his love, and I don't ever want to take that for granted. 

10) He provides. While we may not think of German Shepherds as providers, we do, I think, consider them working dogs. John works very hard to meet our needs and to pursue his desired career in IT to take care of our family. I think we have really experienced God's blessing on that work in these 7ish months of marriage, too, as we have been blessed more than we ever dreamed. 

11) He protects. Everything from falling asleep with one arm wrapped around me to investigating things that go bump in the night to killing scary spiders to making sure my tires are full of air before I drive to Atlanta...John looks out for my safety and peace of mind. 

12) He is patient. In dogs we tend to classify patience as loyalty, I think, and John is loyal, but I really want to highlight his patience. In the words of Steve Brown, "No matter what your husband says, you are hard to love." This is true of me, and I am daily reminded of how patient John is with me. What a blessing!

There you go...a somewhat humorous way of looking at 12 things I love about my Hubster. I hope all of you are as blessed and loved by your spouse as I am by mine!

Adventure well; Live fully.

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