Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Things

My first thought this morning was simple and exciting: Christmas is in one week!

Of course, I immediately thought of those last few gifts I need to wrap. But I soon returned to a vision of a week hence: fresh waffles and sausage, opening stocking gifts (including a WONDERFUL Barnes and Noble gift card that I happen to know about), making a big lunch to be shared with my parents...the joy of being together on my favorite holy day. 

My thoughts also shifted to the task at hand: finals week. I think this week has been my least stressful finals week ever. Each morning I review, and at 2pm I take a final. Not too bad. This morning I was halfway through, but tonight I am 3/4 through. Tomorrow I will finish up, then take myself on a lovely shopping/coffee/book buying outing. Atlas Shrugged is at the top of my Barnes and Noble list. I've been looking forward to it for months.

Speaking of Christmas reading: I'm re-reading the Hobbit for the first time in a decade, and I'm listening to Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Getting lost in books has certainly helped this week!

My hubster brought home two succulents yesterday that are living in mugs on my table. 

Contrary to tradition, I made Snow Day Cake for a party last night. It was wonderful. 

I also made Aunt Laurie's cookies. Yummmm. 

The echoes of a friend raving over my hot chocolate. 

A new book about fish arrived in the mail today. 

Friends coming up for an adventure on Friday.

I made a bright, colorful, far too large salad for dinner. 

So what's the point? 
 I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Christmas delight. 
Tonight, I remind you again:
We are busy. There's much to be done these next few days as we prepare for the holiday. 
But don't get so busy that you lose track of these little special things--new plants, favorite desserts, books, friends, yummy food...

They're small, rather daily things that we tend to lose track of this time of year. 

But these things are priceless. 

Treasure them in your hearts. 

Adventure well; Live fully. 

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