Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY: Reusable Nursing Pads

You know, I think this has turned into a Mommy Blog after all. I'm more okay with that than I expected. It makes sense, I guess, our kids are awfully important, and we're all in this together-- Remember, it takes a village!

Here's another DIY for you:

Confession: I've never actually bought disposable nursing pads. I got some cloth ones from Amazon from the get go, and have been really happy with them. But I imagine that disposable ones (like disposable almost everything) are stinkin' expensive / that they add up. Even cloth ones were surprisingly pricey! And, since even washing them I still go thru what feels like 4739 per week, I figured there had to be another option. Of course--recycled receiving blankets!

1 flannel receiving blanket (you could also do this with approximately 1 yard of flannel fabric from your local craft store)
Sewing machine/thread
Something round approximately 4 inches across (I used a coaster)

DIRECTIONS (It's as easy as 1-2-3!)
1) Fold flannel in quarters then trace your round object with a pencil (I could fit 8 on mine).

2) Cut out circles thru all 4 layers. Put a pin in the center to hold them together.

3) Sew around the edges using a medium length zig-zag stitch.

Don't worry too much about being RIGHT on the edge (you can always trim them a bit), but do try not to stretch the fabric too much as you guide it. See in the picture below how the one I stretched tends to buckle more. Fewer buckles means it will lie smoother under your shirt. 


 (Maybe I should rename my blog "How to Sew Everything Out of Recycled Receiving Blankets"! haha!)

Adventure Well; Live Fully.

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