Saturday, May 17, 2014

Moby Gimli Bat-Cat

Good Morning!

How about a happy cat story to start your day with a smile?

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little kitten. As far as anyone knows, he was only 6ish weeks old when he was abandoned at a PetSmart near Chattanooga. He was black with a grey undercoat and amazingly social, affectionate, and playful. 

One day, a husband and wife wandered into this same PetSmart. They were there to buy a white betta fish and name it Moby Dick (the wife was nerdy like that). On a whim, they decided to go say hi to the cats in the adoption center. They were busy sticking their fingers in the cages and cooing at the cats when they heard a most insistent mew. They looked around to see where it was coming from just as the little kitten crawled out from under the cages. He stunk to high heaven and had fleas galore, but the wife picked him up anyway. It didn't take long to figure out he had no where to go, so the couple decided to take him home and try to convince their landlord to let them keep him. 

On the way home, they named him Moby. Little Moby was so tired that he fell asleep in his litter box as soon as he ate a little bit of food.

They took him home, bathed him, and made sure he had plenty to eat. He fluffed up and settled in very quickly--loving both his makeshift bed and his little mouse. 

But, alas, the couple's landlord was the only soul on earth not completely vulnerable to Moby's charms, and he would not let them keep him. But, after a week of agonizing over the fate of the world's best kitten, HA met Erin. Erin and her hubby have two kids and three other cats, and were thrilled to add this feisty, loving kitten to the mix. So, for about 6 months, Moby lived with them, enjoying kitty-friends and being carried around like a dishtowel by the little girl. During that time, he grew up quite a bit!

He never quite grew into his ears, though, and was known as the Gimli Bat-Cat. 

Then, in March, Erin called HA and asked her about readopting the Bat-cat. He has a knack for mischief that was just a little overwhelming with 5 other potential mischief-makers in the house. HA drove to Chattanooga the next day and brought him home to the Studio. 

The Mob-ster is still crazy, but also crazy cuddly. There is certainly never a dull moment!

 (He's also still not sure if he's cat, dog, or human. ;-) ).

And they all lived happily ever after--including Erin and her family whom we love very much! 

Adventure well, Live fully.

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