Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Tour de Cure

We did it; we did it; we really, really did it!!

After two+ months of training, fundraising, and then wondering if I could bike that far with morning sickness, the Tour is complete! All 28 miles!

Before anything else, THANK YOU to our wonderful sponsors and supporters for your financial gifts, encouragement, and prayers. You were behind us all the way! 

Now, the story. 
Yesterday was rainy. Like, really, REALLY rainy. And all we could think as we drove to Douglasville through the downpour was, "Wow, this is going to be miserable." 

We got there and suited up for the worst (at least as best you can when you're going to be on a bike...).  

We registered, and pinned our numbers on our coats. John even got a super cool bike jersey because he's a "red rider," meaning, he rides with diabetes. He kind of got special treatment like that all day. ;-) 

 It wasn't raining at the starting line, so off we went. The ride was gorgeous--through the woods and farms of south west Atlanta. The air was cool and fresh, but the roads were hardly wet, and the rain, and my nausea, held of the whole ride. God is so good! Every 7ish miles there was a pit stop--with water, gatorade, granola bars, and, so we refueled often and took our time. We rode 28 miles in 2.25 hours (plus stopped time).  The hills were challenging, but we really did enjoy it (probably me most of all. ;-) ). Yippee!

Perhaps the best surprise was that not just Stuart, but April, Anna, Adam, AND Chester were all waiting for us at the finish line with cameras and cheers. What a welcome!

It was an awesome experience. Yesterday's riders collectively have raised $400K to STOP DIABETES! And, as our lives are daily impacted by the disease, the thought that better treatments and maybe even a cure can be found is an awesome thought. 

Photo: Tour de Cure 2014 is here! Just remember to "Keep on and Ride on"!
 (Photo from the Tour de Cure Atlanta Facebook page)

Adventure well; Live fully. 

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