Monday, August 18, 2014

Super Straighforward Steps for Pregnancy Fitness

Back to School!
It's that time of year again--Summer is winding down, kiddos are back at their books, and the rest of us are once again renewing resolutions of fitness and health. 

22 and a half weeks pregnant (and still taking silly selfies, but who could resist??) with a BOY (yippee!). A few weeks ago, at the sweet nudging of my Hubster, I realized that walks, even long, frequent ones, were not cutting it as my pregnancy fitness plan. About this same time, my Mama bought me a fabulous pair of maternity jeans, and I wanted to look and feel great in them. 

I hadn't gained any shocking amounts of weight or anything like that, after all, I'm growing a whole other person, but John could tell I was lethargic and losing confidence about how I looked and felt. So to the Y he sent me (side note: It takes a special man to tell his wife that she needs to get her backside out to the gym and be able to do it in a way that makes her feel encouraged and confident, not fat or criticized). 

So, in light of the last couple of weeks, here are my very straightforward 
Tips for Staying Fit and Feeling Great 
During Pregnancy:

1) Talk to your OB or midwife. Really, don't skip this step, especially if you don't have a history of being active. If you are fortunate, you'll get a green light like me, "Anything that you can do that you are able to do, do it." If they have guidelines, listen to them. You can always ask them to reevaluate your condition later after you make some progress, etc. 

2) Just do it. Really, do it. Put on your big girl yoga pants and your sneakers, and do something. Cant think of anything but walking? Walk. Start somewhere, anywhere. 

3) Shake it up. Fresh out of ideas? Shake it literally (Zumba class, baby! I'm in love!), or figuratively--try an Expresso bike or the elliptical instead of just walking. Keeping your mind engaged is also important when working out. Boredom busts good intentions. Find ways to make exercise fun.

4) Don't forget to hydrate and eat well. Hydrate means water, and plenty of it. Also, don't interpret that as "eat perfectly." I'm definitely pro-ice cream. ;-) But pay attention to what goes in your body. Don't undermine your workout with crummy eating. 

5) Look good. Choose flattering maternity clothes. Budget busted? I've found some lovely steals on Old Navy's clearance rack. Knowing that you're rocking a fun outfit will add bounce to your step and serve as both reward and motivation for staying active. 

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. :-)

Adventure well; Live fully.

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